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Kayak Rental Canoe rentals Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals in Jacksonville Jax  Florida 7 days a week open
Hours of Rentals (Able to Rent):
Monday thru Saturday 10am till 4pm (Last Rental out is 4pm)  MUST be Back By 5:30pm
Sundays 12pm thru 2pm (Last Rental out is 2pm)   MUST be Back by 3:30pm
All Wet Sports has been renting kayaks for almost 20 years!  Included in our rental kayak fleet are single kayaks as well as Tandem kayaks made for 2 people to enjoy. We have an assortment of rental Paddle Boards that include both Hard and Inflatable Paddle Boards. Our entire fleet of rental kayaks and  rental paddle boards are beginner friendly stable and comfy!
  We now have  Rental canoes added to our fleet!   Rental canoes are considered a Tandem for rental pricing purposes.
All Wet Sports uses their own private ramp next to the shop for launching all rental kayaks, paddle boards and canoes. You will usually be asked to help grab your rental and to return it to the same location when done paddling.  
Expect to get a little wet when renting a craft, and dress appropriately.
Have FUN Exploring the Creek!

  All Wet Sports has been renting kayak for over 15 years here in Jacksonville Florida. We are centrally located 15 minutes from any direction of the City. We have a large varity of Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards and Canoes ready to rent. We rarely run out of vessels to rent. Our large inventory of kayaks canoes and paddle boards means you get to have FUN on the Creek! The Creek we launch our kayaks , Canoes and stand up paddle boards on is called Big Pottsburg Creek.  It is a slow moving tidal creek. Either tide is no  problem as there is always plenty of water to go  out and paddle one of our rental kayaks  canoes or stand up paddle board. We hope here at All Wet Sports that you consider us the next time you want to rent a kayak in Jackksonville Florida.
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