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North Florida's Only Windsurfing  Center
We have the largest selection of Used equipment

Used Boards from $100- $300
Used Sails from $45- $150!!!
+ Much More!

From Lessons to full packages
drop in and check us out!

- Kona One Designs
- Exocet
- Aerotech
- Epic Gear
- Aeron Booms
- Progressive Kite Boards

Large Selection of Used Sails. Most in good to very good condition. Price range of approx. $45 - $100.
Tushingham 5.7 Meter sail.
1 of many Used Winsurfing sails we have in stock.
2007 North 6.2 meter Wind Surfing sail. $80.00
A few of our Used  Wind Surf Boards in stock right now:
F2 290
Peter Thommen  Approved by Bjorn Dunkerbeck
9'6" long  22.4" wide   130 L
Good Condition   $200.00
Mistral Echo
9'9" Long    23.3" Wide    138 L Volume
Good Condition    $200.00
Fanatic Ultra Rat
Honeycomb Stringer
Good Condition   $195.00
Advanced Hull Dynamics
Free Diamond 70
129 L Volume
Fair condition several bottom repairs, needs 1 more slight repair on tail!
Fast Board!
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