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For Kayak Trailers in Jacksonville, All Wet Sports is THE ONLY PLACE TO GO!
1.  We sell 3 diffferent brands and styles!
Variety = Better Fit!
2.  We make sure to help you choose the BEST trailer for your specific needs!
Prioritizing the best prices for your budget while upholding high quality!
3. FREE BUILD! You just hook it up and go have fun - we will turn the wrenches!

Magic Tilt Galvanized Trailer!
Built to hold 2 kayaks easily! This is our most Popular Kayak Trailer as it is the Best built, longest lasting trailer! Comes with carpeted bunks and trailer wheeled jack.
It is also the least expensive! $1295.
More than 2 kayaks?   
The same Magic Tilt Trailer can also be purchased as a Quad Trailer.   $1495.00
Both versions use a 2" Ball.

For a little more $$ both these trailers can also be purchased in Aluminum versus Galvanized.

We also sell the Malone Kayak Trailers.  This trailer comes as a "KD" that needs to be built.  The Malone has quite a few ways to outfit it. Check out the malone web site for all the varieties! The price range depends on how you outfit it. Basic models start at around $1199 and go up from there.

These are aluminum trailers with motorcycle style wheels. They are nice and extremely light! If storage is a factor these fold up in just minutes to a compact unit. Yakima trailers can be outfitted in many ways to fit your needs.
Yakima Trailers start @ $2499.oo

Give All Wet Sports a call or better yet drop in and discuss your needs for a trailer with one of our experts to get the best trailer to fit your requirements!

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